(All reproduction rights belong to the artist.)                    
<>                                                            Mark Weber's paintings are copyrighted.  All reproduction rights remain with the artist.
<>                                                            Please be aware that even if you purchase a painting or a print, download an image from
                                                            a computer or take a  photo of it, it is illegal for you to reproduce the image without
                                                            the written permission of the artist.     
<>                                                     A Giclee is a fine art print  made by scanning an image into a
                                  computer and then printing
it with an oversized ink jet printer.
                                 Due to the spraying action of the ink jets the images can be
                                 printed onto canvas as well as various papers.  Any Mark Weber
                                 original can be reproduced and printed on canvas and will have
                                 a very similar appearance to the original.  In fact, the artist can
                                 paint right on the giclee (highlighting) to enhance the appearance
                                 and make it look even more like an original. Or, he can paint a new
                                 element on the giclee making it a one of a kind.  Giclees printed on
                                 canvas are stretched and framed exactly like originals.  You never
                                 have to cover them with glass and you can hang them unframed if
                                 you prefer. They can be printed one at a time and can be ordered  
                                        for you in any size. 
                                                                      HOW TO ORDER :

                                 Pick the painting you like.  To identify the painting use the number
                                 printed under the bottom left corner of the image and the name of               
                                 the painting.  Example:  #709  Sunrise Cliffs

                                 Determine the size by multiplying or dividing the height and width
                                 (printed just under the bottom right corner of the image) by the same
                                  number.  Example:  #709 Sunrise Cliffs is 24 x 18.  If you want that
                                  size then ask for 24 x 18. (The giclee price listed with the image is
                                  for a giclee of the same size as the original.)   If you want it half as
                                  large,  divide both numbers by 2.  Your giclee size would then be
                                 12 x 9.  Check the price list below to find out how much a 12 x 9
                                 (same as a 9 x 12) will cost.  If you want it twice as big, multiply
                                  both numbers by 2.  You would get 48 x 36.  You can multiply or
                                  divide by fractions or decimals if you want something in between.
                                  When considering your space, don't forget to take into account the
                                  size of the frame. If you need help determining the size, contact us
                                 and we will help you.

                                  Check the price on the list below then contact us.  We will double
                                  check your size calculations and give you a price for shipping.  If you
                                  have any special requests you can tell us at that time.

                                                       WHOLESALE GICLEE PRICES:

                                                             SIZE                PRICE             SIZE             PRICE
                                                 8 X 10         $ 310          12 X 24        $350
                                                 9 X 12            320          20 X 20          350
                                                 8 X 16            320          18 X 24          350
                                               11 X 14            320          20 X 24          350
                                               12 X 12            340          20 X 30          400
                                               12 X 16            340          24 X 30          520
                                               14 X 18            340          28 X 32          700
                                               16 X 20            340          24 X 36          900
                                               16 X 22            350          30 X 40          900

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