Mark Christopher Weber is a master artist whose style and technique
                  can only be compared to the Old Masters.  Inspired by Vermeer and Caravaggio 
                  and motivated by his faith in God, Weber has developed an eye for the essence,

                  the awesome, and the truth.  Painting the beauty and suffering of all things created,
                  Mark sees what is before all of our eyes, but does not let it pass unnoticed. 
                  He freezes on his canvas what the rest of us are often too busy or too burdened to                                 contemplate.  He gives us a second chance to look, to ponder, and to be filled with
                  inspiration and wonder.
                            Mark resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where he began his career over thirty
                  years ago.  He was quickly accepted into the more prestigious Southwestern art
                  markets where he is known as a premier painter of the Grand Canyon.  Mark has
                  won numerous awards for not only his Grand Canyon pieces, but in every subject;
                  Still life, Figures, Wildlife, and Landscapes.  His varied subject matter is highlighted
                  in his own book, Brushwork Essentials, published by North Light Books, currently
                  in it's second printing.
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